An Incredible Journey of Discovery Into Consciousness Interdimensional Life & UFO’s

7464Born in Spokane, Washington, July 4, 1947, during a pivotal time in  world history, the author recognized at a young age that there were teachings being hidden, concealed from mainstream society and religion. The religion of his ancestry was confident that it could answer all inquiries into creation and the existence of man. He struggled with those teachings he was commanded to accept and believe.

After having worked in many Third World countries and learning from the different cultures and religions professing truths, he was determined to find the source of all truth. He would separate himself from his religious culture, being declared dead by his family and religion, he began his full-time search into Universal Consciousness. He found much more than the world and religion could accept.

Where truth exists there are no secrets! The answers are here to enlighten us, to let us know we are not alone. Universal Consciousness is penetrating our three dimensional reality. Our Cosmic Family is assisting us in the process. Be inspired and enlightened in his writings and his interdimensional photography of energy and light, UFO’s & OVL’s. Learn about deprogramming the physical vehicle we call our bodies. The Earth is ascending. We can ascend along with it. A new cycle of civilization is about to begin. A more compassionate, sharing and loving civilization. One beyond religions ability to comprehend and embrace.

In Lightstorm, the photographs and messages that accompany them, are meant to help awaken, or further awaken you to your destiny, to encourage you to find your own path. To show where truth is found and can be accessed through your own intent.

It’s not unusual to have grave concerns about the present state of our planet. It’s not unusual to want to do something about it. To help others, and be treated with respect and compassion which is at the foundation of this beautiful Earth and the reason it was created. What has been difficult until now has been the ability to access our Higher Consciousness due to the interference by those that have concealed themselves beyond the frequency range of visible light within this third dimension. Those wanting to control and manipulate humanity working with those in our physical realm who have understood the power behind the control of mankind. These mortals are not concerned about compassion and love, they are attracted to power, prestige, and fame above helping others. This mentality is not in line with our Creator, Source.

He teaches how to access your own Higher Self, through your own intent to rise above this warring planet and be one with Universal Consciousness and assist our Cosmic Family in the awakening of this Earth and its Ascension.