This Changes Things


Lightstorm-Coming Soon

363663Lightstorm is a compilation of essays and photography never before published. The book contains many inspiring stories and images about interdimensional life and lifeforms. Higher Energy and Light being showered down upon the Earth.

With the aggressive nature of mankind causing the warring attitude in worldly man, millions are asking, “Why do we have to accept this?” Many throughout the Earth are choosing to ascend. This information is timely and welcomed. Fear is being replaced with knowledge and understanding of Universal Truth, the Cosmos, and our interdimensional relationship with higher lifeforms, here to assist.

Learn about Light Beings helping in our metamorphosis. As we ascend to that of Light Beings we too can assist those throughout the Universe in their ascension process. A never-ending journey into sharing, learning and moving forward and upward into infinite dimensions and knowledge of creation and Source.

RF Allen