See yourself standing upon the Earth. The environment is breathtaking and inviting to the Soul. The Earth and the Cosmos are feeding you with information about Creation, about humanity, about the future of mankind. What will be achieved, not what can be achieved.

As you observe from a distance, you see yourself increasing in Light and understanding of the Eternal purpose of Life, of Consciousness. You reflect upon your birth, then conditioning by your parents, other family members and friends, church and society. As you do, a circular Wall appears around you growing higher and higher blocking the beautiful vistas you saw before the Wall appeared.

The Wall becomes so prevalent in your life that others define who you are by it. You yourself are convinced that the Wall is a reflection of who and what you are. As you turn around you see only Wall, and then upon it, scenes appear and it becomes a literal ‘theatre in the round’ showing your life up to that point-in-time. Then scenes of your future, based upon your conditioning, appear. Sacrifice and hope that your good works will save you are among the most consistent teachings you are brainwashed with. The Wall grows higher and higher, the scenes become increasingly more insistent that you must surrender to your conditioning and brainwashing.

You may have become very wealthy and successful in the worlds’ eyes, and the world demands all the credit, and you are to teach others that what you accomplished is due to your ‘conditioning’. That if everyone followed your example they too would become wealthy.

On the other hand you may be living in poverty. In society’s eyes you have failed. You have not followed the conditioning you were told was necessary to survive in this world. You become a lesson for those along the way that are pushing for financial success and acceptance in society.

“See what can happen to you if you do not follow the worlds teachings and demand for obedience!” The Wall is a teacher. A teacher of ‘reality’, but only the reality within the circular wall!

Something within you speaks to your heart and declares, “this is not what I was created for. I am focusing on something that was not there in the beginning!”

Consciousness is reminding you of the breathtaking scenes and the beauty of your creation. It is reminding you that the Wall is just that. Walls can be torn down. You must not be afraid to ‘look up’, then ‘look down.’ Above you are the Cosmos, beneath your feet is the Earth. They both are constant. There is no false reality here. There is only Love. Love manifest in information, in Divine Consciousness, in the understanding of all things, in Light.

As you continue viewing yourself within this circular wall, you watch as your eyes turn toward the Cosmos, then to the Earth beneath. You are remembering with your Heart, your Soul. Light appears, flowing into your being from above. More light appears ascending from the Earth beneath. The light merges in your soul. You awaken, then you remember that this has always been so. The Light has and will always be flowing into, and through you.

You witness the Wall shrinking, getting smaller and smaller. It disappears, but the teachings, the control through conditioning remains in your memory and now becomes a tool against itself as you share your awakening with others.

You recall that the greater teachings remembered are those you received from your experiences, especially your failures and the more humble of people along the way, perhaps even the beggar and the homeless. In many ways they can be the richest among us.

When you overcome your fears you attract others to yourself and recognize Interdimensional Guides and Messengers that have been with you all along. You have become a Teacher and Messenger of Light yourself. You are Ascending.

R F Allen